What if you got a warning

It could happen that you get an email from our system about a warning raised from LinkedIn.

This is not to worry about, it happens when too many connection requests are unaccepted.

Indirectly, this could be a consequence of a too high value of "connection requests per hour" which is a parameter in bot settings.

Our bot will try to overcome this issue autonomously by putting in place 3 kinds of interventions:

  • all connection requests will be stopped for 2 hours

  • "connection requests per hour" will be lowered down to the lowest level

  • part of pending connections will be removed (when this happens "invite retired" will be shown in bot report for each interested profile, please see in the figure below)

You should consider to:

  • keep lower "connection requests per hour" value

  • increase the probability to see who accepted your connection request by following people in your list (follow will be executed before connection requests)

  • do not create lists of people who are too much distant from your node. For example, if you stay in USA, you won't (probably) have direct connection with people living in Tibet. This means that, too many nodes will spare you from the targeted people, and LinkedIn keeps this parameter under consideration

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