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From "Create List" select "Sales Navigator"
Building lists from Sales Navigator requires the User to download a desktop app (currently available for Windows Systems) and to push the list to Socializit, in order to perform automation procedures.
1 Download the Software setup file
2 Install it on your Windows pc
3 insert your Socializit account credentials
4 Pick your Linkedin account (having a Sales Navigator subscription active) and insert its password
5 Copy your Sales Navigator search URL and paste it into the software
6 Select the available options:
  • Pages to be extracted: it is the number of pages you want to extract
  • List name: this is the name of the list (you will find it as a people list in your Socializit.Com dashboard)
  • Waiting seconds between profiles: it is convenient to apply at least 5/7 seconds for big lists
  • 2 Threads: this option will make a little faster the data scraping
7 Once the process is completed push data to Socializit
You will find your list as a people list on Socializit.Com. From there you will be able to set up the bot.