How Socializit does work in summary?

Once you have learnt how Socializit works it will be super easy and fast to create bots.

Basically the follow are the necessary steps:

  1. Do a research for people/groups/jobs (Socializit reflects LinkedIn research kinds)

  2. Give a name to the list of people/groups/jobs, based on the research made

  3. Add the list to the Bot

  4. Apply one or more settings for each list. The bot will execute them autonomously


  1. Put "lawyers" in Keyword field and "Los Angeles" in City field

  2. Create a list, and give it the corresponding name "Lawyers in Los Angeles"

  3. ADD BOT

  4. Apply one or more actions (for example request connection + skill/s endorsement)

That's all.

What the bot does now?


  1. It will ask each people in list to accept a connection request

  2. At regular time-intervals, it will check if new people have accepted the connection request

  3. If request has been accepted, it will endorse the person's skill/s

Actions will take place only once the people have accepted the connection request.

As you can see, no action is due on your side, you won't have to worry about anything , just check at what point the bot is and enjoy your network expansion regularly.

Additionally you can request access to several LinkedIn Groups, the bot will request to join them, and if accepted, it will create a list of people belonging to those Groups and will request a connection (and all other operation pre-selected) to each of them.

Lists coming from Groups will be managed as lists of People.

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