Bot Report

This table recap the bot activity upon the chosen list: each row contains the bot operations status distributed in a number of columns.
  • connected -> shows if the profile is in your network
  • connection request (no msg) -> status of connection requests sent without a note
  • connection request (msg) -> status of connection request sent with a note
  • message -> shows if a message has been sent
  • stored data -> shows if profile data has been stored
  • followed -> shows if profile has been followed
  • invited to group/s -> shows if profile has been invited to a group
  • endorsed (all) -> shows if profile skills have been all endorsed
  • endorsed selected -> shows if profile skills have been endorsed (limited number)
  • shared content -> shows if a content has been shared
  • last action -> shows the last action date time
group name -> name of the group
applied -> shows if a join request has been sent to the group
application date -> date time of the join request
title -> title of the job
applied -> shows if CV has been sent to recruiter
application date -> CV sent date time
☑ = operation done
∅ = issue occurred / operation undone
"invite retired" = shows that an invite has been retired because was pending for a number of days longer than the value set up in botsettings
Last modified 3yr ago