Manage Data

This table shows all the People/Groups/Jobs (depending on list kind) contained in the chosen list.

Each column is sortable in increasing and decreasing order.

In case of People list, each row contains profile data which will be filled by the bot through "store data" function in Bot control panel

Delete selected permanently -> profiles you are not interested in, could be selected and permanently removed from database

Expand/collapse rows -> each row is expandable to order and visualize entirely all available data


Actions allow to replicate entire tables or part of them. This is mostly useful when you are going to set up long term operation: just create new tables and assign a bot to them.

You can fast create a new list and paste data into it:

  1. Select profiles you want to transfer

  2. Click on "actions on data"

  3. Paste selected to the new list

  4. A dialogue box will ask you to give a name to the list

  5. Click OK

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