This module consents to set up the bot settings for the given list, they will be applied after a connection request has been accepted (the bot automatically checks for this), respecting the conditions given in Timing.

  • Message --> select a message template (or add a message template). This message will be sent to every profile doing part of the list that has accepted the connection request. Please notice that message template could include file/image attached.

  • Share article/post --> This dropdown menu will be automatically populated by articles/posts published by you. You can select one of them and share as a message.

  • Store contact data --> If checked, the bot will proceed to store data extracted from a connected profile. This data can be seen at Bot Report section.

  • Invite to Group/s --> This dropdown menu will be automatically populated by groups of which you are a part of or to which you have sent a membership request. You can select one or more groups to invite connected profiles of the list to adhere to it/them.

  • Endorse --> You can endorse ALL or a given number of skills. In this last case, skills go from the first below.

  • Webhooks --> please read the dedicated section

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