Bot Settings

This section allows you to set up bot settings.

  • Time Zone --> synchronize bot time zone to the yours

  • Activity Day/s --> bot working day/s, select one or more to have it working in the day/s selected

  • Activity Hours --> bot working hours

  • Pause per hour --> minutes of pause per hour. For example: if this value is set to 10, bot pause will occur between 50th to 60th minutes in each working hour

  • Operation per hour --> number of operations per hour. If this value is set to 50 and "Pause per hour" is set to 10 the bot will accomplish 1 operation per minute, calculated with the formula Operation per hour / (60 - Pause per hour) *

  • Remove pending connections --> set number of days after which request connections will be removed **

  • Auto accept invitation --> If selected, every incoming connection request will be automatically accepted

*Please notice that operation per hour applies to all active bots. If you set up 50 operation per hour and you have 5 active bots, the result will be 10 operation per hour per bot.

**This function is important to reduce the probability that the LinkedIn account reaches its connection rate limit. If this limit is reached, the account gets frozen (from a couple of hours to a couple of days), during this period, it is not possible to send connection requests.

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