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Main Socializit features

available for FREE / PREMIUM / SALES NAVIGATOR accounts


  • integration with Zapier or other external tools by Webhooks
  • bulk invite request (with or without a personal note)
  • import your contacts by CSV
  • following
  • bulk messaging (images or document attached)
  • article sharing
  • post sharing
  • groups invitations
  • single/multiple endorsing
  • full profile's data storing and feature to export to .xls, .xml, .sql, .json, .csv, .txt
  • respond to chat messages from in dashboard: no need to login LinkedIn (very useful for management of several profiles)


  • membership acceptance checking
  • auto downloading of Group profiles as list
  • full automatic management of the created lists


  • continuous check for newly posted jobs (corresponding to your criteria)
  • automated applying to jobs
  • automated CV sending